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About The Scientific Fly Angler

Jason G. Freund

Welcome to my COVID project.

This page explores fly fishing and fly tying from an mostly - but not entirely - scientific point of view. Expect a random collection of fly tying, fish and stream ecology for the fly angler, and well, whatever I feel like posting at the time. From time to time, I will branch out from fly fishing into fisheries management and science.

This website and blog is for fun - not profit. I'm coming at you from Wisconsin's Driftless area but am hoping to interact with anglers from around the world. It is not necessarily a blog about Wisconsin but we are shaped by our experiences.

Send me an e-mail if you have question, comments, ideas for posts, etc.

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The Magic Minnow

highlight the pattern because it is quite effective and fun to tie and being a Swedish pattern, many of anglers are unlikely to know it.

The Mangrove Muddler

The images below are a Mangrove Muddler tied by George Close that has been sitting above my tying bench for a decade or better.

What is a Trophy Fish?

Ultimately, it is different for each person and it is whatever you want it to be. For the experienced angler, a Brown Trout or Smallmouth...

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Thanks for your interest in The Scientific Fly Angler. For more information, feel free to get in touch and I will get back to you soon!

Driftless Area, WI

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