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That's Three Years of Posts

Updated: Aug 21

IA friend recently asked how I had time to write all these posts - I don't know that I had a very good answer. But this is three years of posts. Actually a bit more than three years but who's counting?

Nebraska Sandhills prairie
Nebraska Sandhills - from a work-related trip this summer. Love the big skies, it's a different blue out there.

For three years, I put out a post each week. I am not feeling the need, nor maybe the desire to do that going forward. The first goal was once a week for a year. Then for two years. Well, it's been 3 years and I've not made a four year goal. I may, or I may not keep up with it but at this moment, I am not feeling it. Maybe it is just writers block and the fact that field work this summer has taken a ton of my time. And soon the work I actually get paid to do will start taking up most of my time. Typically, I write a lot over the summer and during winter and spring breaks. I fill in a few more timely things here and there during the school year.

Net full of Brown Trout
Trout - lots and lots of trout. This net full - and many more - were from a day sampling with the WDNR.

Things change. Most notably, this started as a COVID project. Remember COVID? Yeah, I know it is still around but life is mostly back to normal, whatever that means for each and everyone. Work has changed, a lot. This summer was largely field work - more on that in an upcoming post - and less fishing than usual. Don't feel too bad for me though, I still probably fished more than you did. If not, good for you!

Graduate student snorkeling
Snorkel surveys - how I spent most of the last half of summer. (Yeah, we covered up the yellow...)

To do a bit of counting, in just a hair over three years, I have published 196 posts (and written, I think 194 of them). Another 116 are in draft form so I am not "out of ideas". Just have not had the time nor dedicated the time to complete them. To write a decently well supported post, it takes a good bit of time. And editing takes yet more time. I'm not sure I'll have that time and if I do, I'm not sure this is where I'll want to spend it. But we'll see...I have made no plans. It is certainly not the end but probably the end of a post a week. We'll see how that evolves - but for now, I'm going on a little vacation and not thinking about this blog or anything that resembles work.

In the meantime, the search function works. There is a ton there - some of it is pretty good...cheers!

As always, I am open to guest writers if their stuff fits the general theme of the blog.

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